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Special Needs

The purpose of the Disability Ministries Department is to support the church and their local communities in keeping up to date when catering for all types of disabilities. The department aims to support the Seventh-day Adventist Church as it develops a ministry that brings all closer to God; no matter their ability or differences. We strive to ensure people with disabilities are empowered to be part of their churches and communities by getting involved in church leadership and worship.

Special Needs Ministries Sabbath

Adventist Special Needs Association (ASNA)

Adventist Special Needs Association. ASNA aims to raise awareness in churches and so enable church leaders and members to become more welcoming and understanding of the experience of their members with special needs. ASNA supports all churches requiring training and supports all people needing our services including non Adventist. Visit the ASNA website.


Time Out For Parents: Children with Special Needs

Care for the Family is a registered charity that works to strengthen families. Their aim is to promote strong family relationships and to help those who face family difficulties.Children with Special Needs aims to help parents build their child’s self esteem and develop good communication skills. It goes on to look at each child’s development, ways to meet the needs of their child and how to set and stick to boundaries. It also explores what schools and other agencies can offer for children with special needs and their parents and how the wider family plays a part. For more information visit the Care for the Family website.