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Prepare-Enrich is the world’s leading tool for supporting couples in pre-marriage preparation, enriching marriage, or reviewing and improving co-parenting by helping couples take stock of their strengths and growth areas. Facilitators, once trained, can help couples develop skills which are key to any relationship and to communicate better on important topics.

Anyone who wishes to help couples to improve their relationship can benefit from using these thoroughly researched and demonstrably effective inventories. Find out more at Prepare Enrich

Les Ackie is an authorised facilitator trainer for Prepare Enrich


• They get an easy, online way to assess their relationship that is private, confidential, and which they can access from any location with internet facility
• The report is customised and personally relevant to each couple
• PREPARE/ENRICH primes them for exploring deeper into their relationship
• Conversation is stimulated when couples see their Couple’s Report
• Couples receive feedback using couple exercises in the Couple Workbook
• Couples get help identifying relationship strengths and potential issues
• Couples learn useful relationship skills they can apply to current and future issues in their relationship 


• You can view and print a Facilitator’s Report on the couple after they complete their assessment
• You can efficiently identify a couple’s strength and growth areas
• You can gain a wealth of information about how each person views their relationship
• You can choose to have the couple pay for the assessment or use other payment options
• You can select a faith-based version for the couple
• You maintain control over the process of assessment and feedback

For further information visit the Prepare Enrich YouTube channel.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Workbook for Couples is a complement to your assessment results. It contains skill-building exercises that will help you to understand and apply the insights from the assessment. The exercises consist of questions to both ponder individually and discuss as a couple, plus activities to do together. Begin with the recommended Six Core Exercises and continue with the remaining exercises in in any order. This version also includes Bible verses for reflection, inspiration, and encouragement.

Prepare Enrich for Facilitators
Prepare Enrich for Pre-Marital Couples
Prepare Enrich for Married Couples 

Couple Checkup

Prepare Enrich also enables couples to take the online Couple Checkup which is a less technical version of the Prepare Enrich inventory. Couples can use this "self-help" tool to build a more satisfying and intimate relationship without the aid of a facilitator. Just answering the questions will stimulate thoughts and attitudes about a couple's relationship. It is designed to activate dialogue, discovery, and increase the overall quality of a couple's relationship. For more details visit Couple Checkup.


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