Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is one of the three administrative officers of the church (the other two being the President and the Treasurer). The primary responsibilities of the Secretariat department are:

  • To help forward the work of the church in accordance with the plans and policies agreed upon by the British Union Conference Executive Committee.
  • To liaise with the two Conferences (North and South England) and three Missions (Ireland, Scotland and Wales) to help with the application of policy; gather statistical information.
  • To coordinate with missionaries serving in other parts of the world or within the British Isles.
  • To lead on all matters relating to HR, pensions and policy.

In some ways Secretariat could be seen as the 'service arm' of administration. However, it is vitally important for the efficiency and smooth running of the Church organisation and has as its motto: "Love in Service".

Useful Information:

  1. 2023 Special Days and Offerings (from the General Conference)
  2. BUC Annual Membership Statistics 2006-2020
  3. BUC Annual Membership Statistics 2006-2020 (summary with graphs)

Policies, Statements and guidelines: 

These include the BUC Policy Book, Child protection (KCFS), Domestic Violence & Sexual Harassment, Health and Safety Policies and guidance on the Sexual Orientation Regulations.

Share Your Concerns

If you have any concerns about governance, conflicts of interest, or any other issues where you feel the church has acted improperly, you can use the independently run EthicsPoint website to share your concerns anonymously.

Disclosure Applications Website

BUC Policy Book (29 Feb 2024) (complete)

Individual sections are downloadable below:

Reference Documents:

BUC Session 2021 Report Book

Covid Secure Risk Assessment for BUC Office (3 Jun 2020)

Irish Mission Operating Policy (Dec 2021)
Scottish Mission Operating Policy (Dec 2021)
Welsh Mission Operating Policy  (Aug 2022)
Grant Making Policy

Guidelines for Seventh-day Adventist Churches with reference to the impact of the Sexual Orientation Regulations, 2007 SORs 2007 Guidelines to Churches (pdf file - 80 kb) 
Statement on Government Proposal on same-sex marriages, (Mar 2012)

BUC Trustees' Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021 (signed)


Pension Matters:

For a  quick overview of our pension plans watch this 14-minute video webinar or listen to the audio only version.

The BUC and other Employing entities chose to use Legal and General as our Seventh-day Adventist Group Personal Pension provider.  Individual employees can view the Seventh-day Adventist Group Personal Pension scheme details  at the Legal and General mirco-website

Members of the plan can use the  "manage your account" tab and should register to view and manage their individual pension pots.

On 31 December 2013 the Seventh-day Adventist Retirement Plan (SDARP) was closed to new members and to new accrual by existing members at that date.  All those who were members with accrued service in this plan when it closed will continue to be eligible for a pension at age 65 from this plan.  Details of the closure consultation that took place between 1 October and 30 November 2013 are as follows: A consultation announcement letter was sent out for all employees on 30 September 2013 and an announcement letter regarding the decision to close was sent out on 17 December 2013.  Further information can be obtained by contacting the BUC Executive secretary who acts as the Seventh-day Adventist Retirement Plan coordinator for all participating employers.

Seventh-day Adventist Retirement Plan Explanatory Booklet March 2022 

Download the latest Seventh-day Adventist Retirement Plan Statement of Investment Principles.

Download the SDARP Implementation Statement to 31 March 2023.


John Surridge

John Surridge

Executive Secretary


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