Adventist Teachers' Association UK

Part of the role of the Education Department is to support all people working in education, whether in the mainstream or independent sector, from Nursery to University. 

We are seeking ways in which to do this and are inviting any one in education, whether you are a current, retired, ECTs, trainee teachers, lecturers, bursars/finance officers, educational psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, SENCOs, learning mentors/TAs, etc, at all levels (nursery, school, college, university) to join the Adventist Teachers Association UK 2022 by completing the form below.  

(I am aware that a previous organisation existed and am seeking to contact members of this group.  Please contact me at  We are thinking to change the name to Adventist Education Association, in due course.

Please watch the video of the first meeting of the ATA UK below and then complete the form and the associated ATA poll.  Pass the information on to anyone you know in education.  We are on a mission to raise the profile of all educators!

Adventist Teacher Association Re-launch