The mission of the Education Department of the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is to:

  • Promote the values of Seventh-day Adventist education throughout the constituency of the Union and to make education a vehicle for helping pupils to come to know Jesus;
  • Formulate and develop the educational policy framework and instruments necessary for delivering an efficient and effective education service;
  • Provide support, advice and to monitor the work of educational institutions operating within the authority of the British Union;
  • Seek to improve the access to Christian education for Adventist children.

The above mission is delivered through the five broad operational areas set out below:

1) Administration

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Initiating policies to further the mission of the department
  • Managing the on-going review of education policies

2) Development

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Negotiating state maintained status for BUC schools
  • Promoting the concept of church-based primary schools
  • Organising the writing of curriculum documents

3) Evangelism

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Promoting and monitoring the use of faith and learning curriculum materials by our teachers
  • Encouraging each school to formulate a Spiritual Master Plan
  • Monitoring the impact of schools on pupils’ spiritual and moral development and church growth

4) Raising Education Standards

This area covers aspects such as:

  • A three yearly primary inspection cycle
  • Regular monitoring of secondary schools
  • Assisting schools with whole school review and operational and strategic planning
  • In-service training and the development of curriculum materials

5) Services

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Attending School Board meetings
  • Holding regular consultation meetings with headteachers
  • Developing and maintaining the education web site
  • Producing home schooling materials for parents
  • Advising and supporting education secretaries in local churches

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