Training Resources

Below are a series of training videos, booklets and handouts provided at Communication Workshops.

The videos are a compressed version of the full workshops that are held on a National, Conference or Local level.

The handouts are principally most helpful to those who have attended a workshop and have had opportunity to learn and interact with the presenter. However, they will also be of some help to others with an interest in good Communication or who have watched the training video.

Christian Guide to Media Ministry. Why Christians should be involved in Media along with some practical tips and guidelines. (pdf)

Local Church Communication audit. A helpful guideline to assist congregations in developing their communication strategy.

Church Location and Identity. Making sure your church and be found - and be found attractive. (pdf)

Church Notice Boards. Make sure the sign outside your church is actually telling the public what you think it is telling them! Some design tips to think about.

Communication and Technology. A brief history, main points for planning video projection, projection software and staying legal. Making PowerPoint effective. (pdf)

Live streaming church services. A helpful booklet produced by the South England Conference Communication department, sharing how, why and if it is appropriate to stream your church service. (pdf)

Decoding the web. Guidelines for setting up an effective church website. (pdf)

Guidelinesfor BUC News and Messenger Reporting and Photography. (pdf)  Watch the brief training video below then download the guidelines.

Media Response Strategy for ministers and church members responding to media and journalist enquiries. (pdf)

Photo Guidelines for Publishing on the web. What is appropriate? What kind of permissions do I need? These are the guidelines the BUC uses for the photo gallery but can be adapted for use on local church websites.

Role of the Communication Secretary. Word Document.

Sharing Jesus online. Handout guidance from a workshop on using social media to share your faith.

Successful Picture Publishing. Watch the YouTube lecture summary above then download the 'Photography Workshop Handout' demonstrating the kind of pictures newspapers, the Messenger and BUC News love. If you want your picture published this gives some helpful tips.

Getting you story into the local newspaper.  A practical guide by NEC Communication director, Pastor Peter Jeynes.

Making your church disabled friendly.  A short video guide by Disability Awareness Consultant, Richard Shaw. How can you make sure your church building is as open as possible to those who may have a disability?

Other external Guidelines that may be helpful:

The Pacific Union Conference produces some helpful advice for photographers:
News Photo Ethics. Positive advice on the rules of photo journalism.
Cameras and Lenses. Slightly out of date but excellent advice on camera, lenses and flash for your event reporting.
Permission for Photos. Do I need permission to publish my photo on a website or in a church publication? These guidelines are for the USA but are similar to guidelines we are currently working on for the BUC.

Dr Karsten & Pastor Kirsten Ă˜ster-Lundqvist have produced a helpful article on"Facebook Faith: Social Networking in a Faith Community"