Role in the local Church

Church Appearance, Location and Identity 

  • Check appearance of church and bring problem spots to attention of church board.

  • Make sure church can be found, through listings in local directories.

  • Make sure church is identified by an exterior sign appropriate to architecture of church, which uses the official Adventist logo.

Local Media

  • Report church activities to the secular press.  

  • Serve as a source of information about the church for the communication media.

  • Watch secular press for opportunities for church to participate in discussions on matters of current concern.

  • Become acquainted personally with newspaper editors and local radio programme directors, news editors.

  • Discover feature possibilities in the local church and make them available to the press.

  • Write and help with the writing of letters to the editor on matters of church concern as opportunity permits.

  • Consult with pastor and departmental leaders of the church before reporting on matters in which they are involved.

  and where possible

  • Cover church activities for radio and television News.

  • Public service announcements of church programmes.

  • Placement of special people on interview programmes where possible.

  • Encourage good relations, especially where local radio is carrying one of the church’s radio programmes.

  • Encourage members to view and/or listen to the denomination’s broadcasts.

Denominational Media

  • Write reports of special church events and send them to the Messenger, BUC News, and any other Area or Conference publications as appropriate.

  • Take photos or arrange for photo coverage of church activities.

Work of the Local Church 

  • Help with special events, giving special attention to the public relations aspects.

  • Lead out in the planning, production and operation of exhibits at local fairs or elsewhere when the church can fit in effectively.

  • Assist in promotion of annual radio offerings.

  • Produce news items for the church bulletin or if possible produce a small church newsletter giving announcements and activities of the church, which can go to former members as well as to present.

  • Serve on church board and personal ministries board.

Computer Communication

  • If you do not have the skills yourself try to identify someone in the church who has access to the Internet.

  • Receive and promote BUC News, the weekly e-mail newsletter of the BUC.

  • Become familiar with the information and resources which are available on the BUC web-site at: <>  and, if possible, seek out other Internet resources as well.

  • Try to guide other departmental leaders and church members to Internet resources which will be helpful to them.

Satellite Transmissions

  • If your church has its own satellite downlink equipment try to become familiar with its operation and the programmes which are available. Check out the ATN web-site for more information.

Adapted from General Conference Communication material
by British Union Conference Communication department.