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The Three Angels and You - Revelation 14 Bible Guides for Children

The Three Angels and You - 1-8

Kid's Planet - SEC's dedicated Children's Ministries Channel

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Seventh-day Adventist FUN-da-MENTALS 

If you've ever wondered what Seventh-day Adventists really believe, here's a fun new way to find out! Check out these "Adventist Fun-da-Mentals" infographics. Basically, they're posters that make each topic pretty simple. You can download them for free!

Seventh-day Adventist FUN-da-Mentals - 1-28

Bible Adventures for Young Readers

This Bible study set uses a creative, child-friendly approach to the 28 fundamental beliefs, which will introduce children to the pillars of our faith. With its easy-to-understand format and interactive approach, children will quickly grasp the concepts and have fun learning. 

Bible Adventures for Young Readers

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Children's Bible Reading Plan, "Follow the Bible"

Review Magazine for children

My Place with Jesus – Join a creative cast of characters as they take you through 14 fun Bible studies