Ian describes himself as a "one trick pony" in that pastoral ministry is all that he has known or experienced. From the age of 10 he was impressed that God had called him to ministry and the entire direction of his education and life has been pastoral ministry and nothing else.

His call to ministry has been affirmed in so many remarkable ways such as with the Leicestershire County Council fully sponsoring his undergraduate studies at Newbold (1983-1987) even though they had flatly refused to do so, and when, unknown to him, he was entered into the Times Preacher of the Year competition in 1998, which he went on to win.

Ian is keen to see the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the British Isles make an increasingly positive impact at both national and local levels and believes that for the church to fulfil its purpose it must be rooted in the lives of its communities.

Ian shares his love of pastoral ministry with his wife Jennifer and this year they will celebrate 26 years together.

Ian’s hobbies include caring for  his 350 litre tropical aquarium, cycling and walking. He says if “I were not a pastor, I’d be a train driver!”

For more on Ian check out his archive (2006) 'In Conversation' interview where he talks about his early life and call to ministry.  His video review of 2012 also highlights Ian's passion to see the church rooted in community.