Sharon Platt-McDonald

Sharon Platt-McDonald – MSC.HS, DipMS, BCS.HS, RHV, RM, CACPD, RGN.

Sharon Platt-McDonald works as the Director for Health, Women’s Ministries and Community Services for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the British Isles. Influenced by Jesus’ ministry of compassion, she pursued a career in the caring profession and is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor, with experience in Health Service Management. She is a Certified Health Coach.

Producing a range of resources for churches and communities, Sharon has developed devotionals, health DVDs, manuals, booklets, leaflets, cards and health series for Christian TV channels and web video streams. 

She has a passion for the encouragement, empowerment and development of individuals, and has produced resources and seminars to assist various life events, adverse experiences, recovery and safeguarding wholisitc wellbeing.

Sharon is the Founder and Director of the Women of Virtue Programme and the Esther Institute of Excellence. 

As a motivational speaker, mentor, editor and author of over 20 books, Sharon is enthusiastic about sharing the message of health, hope and healing. She believes that as we follow Divine directives for emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing, we will positively impact our churches and communities with the ministry of restoration, to the glory of God. 

She is married to Denzle. Preparing for heaven is their primary life focus.