Pastor Eglan Brooks has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the British Isles for 29 years. While employed by the South England Conference (SEC), he served eight years pastoring local churches and six years as the SEC Pathfinder and Teens Director.

Since joining the British Union Conference (BUC), he has served in various departments. He served for five years as Director for the Personal Ministries, LIFEdevelopment and Church Growth Department. He was subsequently elected to serve as the Evangelism Director, covering Evangelism, Personal Ministries, Church Growth, LIFEdevelopment and Literature Evangelism for six and a half years. In September 2017, he was invited to serve as the Ministerial Association Secretary.

He has served over 21 years in Church administration and currently serves as President of the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Brooks' passion is to engage every member to minister in the central business of the Church – evangelism. 'Reaching One Life @ a time…' is his personal theme. He believes that pastoral care is the by-product of an individual who allows Christ to shine through them. He enjoys working with people. He says, "I believe our Church would be thriving if we had more members who were committed to serving our Saviour." He has a personal desire to do whatever is necessary to see God's face. 

Brooks has been happily married to Tina (née Samuel) for 33 years. She is an accomplished musician and music teacher. They have three adult children, Melody, Jasper and Kyle.