12th October 2017

Members and visitors of the Hackney Seventh-day Adventist church were told to measure the temper of the times during a Religious Liberty Day programme which took place on Sabbath 7 October 2017. Advent Religio-legal Perspective director, Dr Brighton Kavaloh was invited to speak on the issues at stake surrounding Religious Liberty within a spiritual and political context. He said: "Religious Liberty is about understanding public affairs, the temper of the times and warning others just as the Children of Issachar did as seen in 1st Chronicles 12." Then in reference to Christians being silent on issues where they have been given an opportunity to voice their opinion, Dr Kavaloh quoted from Ellen G White's Testimonies to the Church the following statement: "We are not doing the will of God if we sit in quietude, doing nothing to preserve the liberty of conscience."

Some of the issues at stake in the current climate of ReligiouHackney-SDA-Church-Religious-Liiberty-Days Liberty debates include Creation vs the theory of evolution, traditional biblical marriage vs civil marriage as well the Sabbath vs Sunday as the true day of rest. "When Sunday becomes an issue it provides Seventh-day Adventists with an ideal opportunity to witness and talk about the true biblical Sabbath", said Dr Kavaloh.

The Advent Religio-legal Perspective director also reminded believers to remain sheep in the midst of wolves as well as to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. "We must be able to challenge principles without attacking personalities and be assertive without displaying aggression as these were the characteristics of Jesus Christ when He was wrongly accused and provoked by others."

Dr Kavaloh concluded by saying that we should always have a reason as to the hope we have in Christ Jesus and that when put on trial for our faith know that God Himself will put the words we are to speak into our mouths as we put our faith and trust in Him.

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