5th October 2017

On a bright and sunny Sabbath morning of 23 September, Plumstead Community Seventh-day Adventist church celebrated God's gift of music. Guest speaker, Elder Mike Johnson (South England Conference Music Ministries director) reminded us that music is eternal and is111 a glimpse of what is to come in the divine Kingdom.

Mike Johnson roused the congregation to sing a selection of well-known hymns and in so doing, to consider what the words and sentiments speak to us in our everyday lives from a biblical perspective.

In 2 Kings, Elisha predicted that the woman would have a son; this came to pass but when the child passed away, she went to find Elisha in faith that the son would be well, even though the Bible tells us that her soul was 'vexed'. The hymn 'It is Well' is a reassurance to us that when problems lash against us in waves, God never leaves us, and in this certain knowledge, we can turn our predicaments to our Creator to bring order and to provide.

Members 11of the congregation were invited to share their testimonies about the way in which they had called out to God in their time of trouble, and He had heard their calls and answered in miraculous ways. What a mighty God we serve!

'To God Be the Glory' is another old favourite. Mike Johnson asked this question: "How do we actually glorify God?" It is he said, by giving credit to Him and having a constant acknowledgement that it is through His goodness and not by other means, by our own strength, education or resources. He reminded us that we are in the midst of peril every minute of our lives; on the road, on the sea and in the air, and only God can sustain us. But he stressed, when we are in the midst of a storm, we need to have the presence of mind to call on Jesus to guide and protect us.

Music is a gift from our Creator and through it we can find solace here on earth, whilst we look forward to the day when we will all sing together in worship to our Father in the heavenly Kingdom.


[Angela Lewis]


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