Musical Outreach in Southmead Hospital

7th December 2017

It was an evening filled with music and praise. On Sabbath 25 November 2017, members from a combination of churches gathered at Southmead Hospital to give praises to the Lord. This sing along was organised by Elder MacDonald Kholowa, a South Bristol Adventist Volunteer Chaplin at the facility.

He intentionally ensured that various musical acts were presented. The performance was a combination of singing as well as playing of different musical instruments such as the violin and piano. Passers-bys, including patients, staff and visitors looked on intently, while some stopped by and listened. People on bristol2different floors could be seen looking through glass windows as the various artistes performed.

Children stood by with their buckets at the front line. Many stopped to give contributions, and on many occasions, the person giving would spread the money so that they could drop it in each child's bucket. The children warmed the hearts of those passing by as even those who did not stop for the performance dug into their pockets or bags as they approached. There was one elderly man in particular who told his carer that he wanted to stop so that he could listen. He requested that his carer park his wheelchair in the sitting area so that he could be among the audience. It was certainly evident that hearts were touched. It was truly a spectacular afternoon of tremendous blessing and in the words of many, the Holy Spirit was truly felt and it was a testament of God's amazing power.

This is certainly bristol3something which needs to be held more often as it was seen to be enjoyed by all individuals. The early termination of the programme due to limited time resulted in there being less items than planned but the service was quite spectacular none the less.

The support received from those not performing was also quite important in the service. There were moments where the audience would all stand and sing a hymn together which led to greater participation.

The programme was well organised and much appreciated. Consequently, South Bristol church has been invited to conduct worship and other spiritual programmes by the Hospital Chaplaincy.

[Wijan Watson]


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