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12th April 2018

Pathfinder Investiture Day kick-started the month of March at Manchester South Seventh-day Adventist church which was followed by Youth Week of Prayer, presented by Pastor Adam Ramdin who delivered a series on 'Identity Theft to Man South' for the Youth Week of Prayer, 18-24 March. The theme looked at exploring who we are as Christians and our identity in Christ.

This was then followed by Youth Day on the following Sabbath where Pastor Isaac Liburd preached a dynamic sermon, which concluded with a district baptism in the afternoon, where seven baptismal candidates gave their lives to God.

Tamas Somogyi, a 26-year-old, originally from Hungary, Budapest, has lived in Manchester for 6 years. He is currently a student at Manchester University, studying Computer Animation which is also his hobby. Tamas comes from a non-religious background but was introduced to Adventism by Nadene, now his fiancée. She introduced him to Christ and they started having Bible studies with Ishmael and Rose Gomez. They then started to attend Manchester South church together, he found the church to be large and friendly and liked the diversity of the people which is why he chose to worship and get baptised at this particular branch. Tamas confessed to the church that he wanted to get baptised to live a Christ-like life and go to heaven, he 5also announced that he wanted to get married at this church.

Nadene Wright, the fiancée of Tamas, was born and raised in Manchester, in an Adventist home. She is currently a Language Teacher at a secondary school in Manchester. Nadene met Christ during her childhood, and she has witnessed God work wonders in her life. She is determined to be on the journey towards heaven and have a role in the church in helping others find God. She felt a special connection with Manchester South after coming back from travelling in France and wanted a church which felt like a strong community, welcoming, with a large variety of people.

James Hamman, until a year ago, did not know the Lord. He is a 26-year-old, born and raised in Stockport and works in construction and for a while, had been looking for the truth and often was left with confusion and doubt.

James attended a group called isearch at Manchester South church on a Friday. Isearch is a Youth Bible study group run by the Youth department. He really enjoyed it and attended a few times, but was left wanting to learn more about the Bible. He was t3hen introduced to Rose Gomez and started having regular Bible studies with her, which in his own words he says is "one of the best things I ever did", not realising that these studies were preparing him for the change in his life which was to come.

During the Christmas holidays James lost a close family member and he felt that he couldn't see any way of getting through the grief. Rather than turning to worldly solutions he decided to turn to God and asked Him for strength and guidance. James stated at his baptism that God didn't leave him, he claimed "God stayed with me through my darkest hour and made me a stronger person." James testified that as a result he decided to give his life back to God, now the most important person in his life. 

Clive Coutet's journey started when he got baptised at 9, but as he reached his teens although he was attending church, in his mind he had left church. He didn't feel he was having a relationship with God and left church in his heart. Clive was drawn back into the church aged 21 where he became very active within the media ministry. In his heart he wanted to work for the Lord but there was a stronger desire in the back of his mind to get re-baptised. Clive felt in his mind that he had never really done it in his heart for himself as he felt he got baptised too young initially. He spent 8 years battling this topic and felt he would not feel a sense of peace until he takes this journey.

July last year, Mark King, elder of Salford Seventh-day Adventist church, went to Mr Salmons' house to fix his boiler. Whilst there they spoke about topics surrounding life, church and religion. At first Mark felt hesitant, but eventually he invited Mr Salmons to church, which then led on to Bible studies. A few months later, at his baptism, Mr Salmons declared "this is a one-way trip for me." God used Mark in a special way to lead Mr Salmons to the Lord.

Elder Knox from the Gorton Seventh-day Adventist church introduced Jude and his fiancée, for baptism. Both had a deep desire to learn the word of God.

All seven candidates faithfully gave their lives to God, witnessed by a packed church with unseen angelic beings filling the crowded air with a joyful triumph, with months proclaiming victory in Jesus.


Sara Francis



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