12th October 2017

The Liverpool North Seventh-day Adventist church hosted a milestone event on Sabbath 23 September 2017 when they consecrated their new church building on Park Street, Bootle. This very auspicious occasion brought visitors together from near and far including the North England Conference (NEC) President Pastor Richard Jackson and Charles Bramble the NEC Treasurer.

The Liverpool North Adventist church is just what the community in Bootle has been looking for, for quite some time. After about ten years of meeting at the United Reformed Church building to hold Sabbath services, they finally have their very own church building. It has IL4A1595been an arduous journey for the congregation at the formerly known as Liverpool Stoneycroft to find a church building. Birthed from the Liverpool Central Adventist church in 2006 the congregation has endured a journey akin to the children of Israel's wilderness experience.

In the morning, a panel comprising of former pastors and members spoke of the timeline from their movement from Liverpool Central the mother church to renting a space from the United Reformed Church. The timeline mentioned a time spent in the 'wilderness' in which they worshipped at the Dovecot Community Centre and Library from January to May of 2017 prior to moving to their own church. The search for a church building took them to many places of which makes the appreciation of their new and permanent home much sweeter. 

Charles Bramble reminisced on the time he came to visit and view the IL4A1661building and how he fell in love with the building and the congregation. He enthused on how blown away he was when he realised that the building had been on the market for two years. He says that fact made him conclude that God had kept the building for the members for such a time as this. He mentioned that the building was a gift from God for the members of Liverpool North so that they can continue to serve the local community. He commended the membership of the church for working hard and together in what is a momentous and prolific juncture in the life of the congregation. He said what impressed him the most was that since their start in 2006 they did not allow the absence of a building to stop them from doing God's work.  

Pastor Jackson preached a sermon entitled 'We have made it' based on 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, "We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." In the preamble leading to his sermon, the President mentioned that the PJAL1314NEC believes that every church should have its own building because it is not ethical for us to use other people's churches to evangelise. When we have our own church building we have no constraints regarding time and space. He then solicited the prayers of the congregation for the current NEC administration because it is not easy to manage from the top.

In the sermon Pastor Jackson regaled the congregation with his memories of growing up in the West Indies island of Jamaica. On occasion, Pastor Jackson would lapse into what he calls the 'Patois' (pronounced 'patwah') which is a local dialect from the beautiful island. His ability to switch from the 'Queen's English' to patois made for a riveting and enjoyable sermon for the culturally and racially diverse congregation.

The juxtaposition of the sermon with his experience of growing up was to explain the fact that in some of our cases it is the humble beginnings from whence God has taken us which can give us thankfulness, an appreciation of our current station in life and PJAL1427optimism on where God is taking us. 

Music played a big role on the day and the 'Liverpool Strings' and 'Echoes of Joy' did not disappoint in their renditions. From the Sabbath School, the Children's department led the church in a sweet and reflective praise and worship session. Stofo Dlodlo and Denise Penaranda led the worship during Divine Service.

This wonderful day culminated with a concert which was a fitting tribute to a wonderful God who does all things well and caters for all our needs. Please keep Liverpool North Adventist church in your prayers as they serve their local community.

[Lungani Sibanda]


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