Baptism at Bilston Adventist Church

18th January 2018

Great was the joy of the congregation of Bilston church in Wolverhampton on 13 January, as they celebrated the wonderful event of the baptism of their very own, Tyreece Malcolm and SuIMG_7693nit Thomandru.

The visiting pastor – Pastor Mohan gave a short sermon. He spoke of two physical deaths that we must endure. One, our physical birth, the other, how we die which is determined by our spiritual birth.

The baptism began with Tyreece confidently taking to the pool. His dignified bearing displayed a maturity beyond his age as he was led into the arms of Pastor Appiah. There was no doubt or fear on his face, but of joy and determination to stroll to the gates of heaven.

Next was Sunit. IMG_7772With a joy clearly seen and a little nervousness, he entered the pool into the arms of his great-uncle Pastor Mohan. With great humility and tenderness, the pastor held his nephew's son and spoke of how this was a very special moment for him whenever it came to baptising members of his family.

Amid tears of joy and great emotion, he led Sunit into a watery grave, to arise anew, under the grace and majesty of Christ Jesus.

This wonderful ceremony ended with final words from loving parents of both new members of the family of Bilston Seventh-day Adventist church. Words and tears of thanks to everyone who had taken a small part in the nurture of these two fine young men of the church family.


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