Aberdaron Work Camp

7th March 2018

Aberdaron Advent Campsite was historically owned by the Youth department of the North England Conference (NEC). Although this is no longer the case and it operates under its own management structure, the Youth department remains a prominent user of the site. There are many youth today who have 'grown up' at the site, spending the last 10-20 summers going to the various camps ‒IMG_1834 Family, Junior, Earliteen and Youth. Last year at Youth camp, two of the regular campers, Joel and Josh Robinson spoke to Site Manager, Steve Bull, and shared their interest to come and assist in any jobs that needed doing around the site in the off season. One conversation led to another and what began as a small conversation grew into a NEC Youth event. Youth were invited to come and volunteer for the week ‒ a week of their time to help with site upgrades. From 10-18 February there were 9 volunteers who braved the winter weather and cheerfully set about their tasks.

Chalet 1, closest to the playground, was due a refit on the exterior. Having withstood the elements for 15 years it was time to take off the exterior, much of which was rotten and replaced with a superior cladding. It was quite an intricate procedure but under the guidance of Stephen Bull and with patience and hard work, the job was able to be completed. In addition to this outdoor work, the crew during the week did the yearly deep clean of the kitchen and added an excellent new piece of wall art on the far wall of the main hall. Depicting the nearby landscape of Anelog it adds atmosphere to the main hall. 

The NEC would like to thank all those who attended for the week. As a Church we cannot always afford to hire outside contractors in and even though it can take semi-skilled labourers longer, it does save us money and forms a vital part of our identity as a Church. The spirit of volunteerism is the spirit of Adventism and we look forward to the future work projects that will take place at the site. Please check the NEC Youth website www.necyouth.org.uk and NEC Youth socials @necyouth for news when future work projects become available. 

[Adam Ramdin]


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