17th May 2017

It was an historical day in the life of Cork Seventh-day Adventist church, when on Sunday 14 May saw the official opening of the new church building. The church was full to capacity with members and just as many guests from the community, to partake in this special day as the ribbon tied between the two columns outside the church was cut by Cork's Cllr Deputy 18489647_10155382437666055_5937142173526784093_oMayor P J Hourican.

The atmosphere was joyful with a welcoming ambience as congregants recognised that this day was the culmination of many years of hard work through the building process and legal ramifications18423939_10155382393826055_3980530458579139154_n.

Irish Mission President, Pastor Dan Serb, gave the official declaration of the 18485469_10155382392611055_7325840296062073459_nnew church being opened and later shared words of hope and encouragement as the keynote speaker for the day.

In attendance were a number of invitees. Pastor Paul Lockham, representing the British Union Conference in his position as Associate Executive Secretary, shared welcoming remarks and words of affirmation to the members. Dr M Kaare, an elder of Cork church, gave an insightful historical journey of Cork's Adventist presence in the area. The building project that culminated under the pastoral supervision of local minister Lorance Johnson, saw many key individuals who played a role in the development of the church through to its completion. Each of these individuals was acknowledged and presented with gifts by Pastor Johnson, who steered the programme through. Music was provided by the Cork church choir and Pastor Johnson's daughter, Rebecca.

Pastor Johnson was also very keen to acknowledge the work of his predecessor, Pastor Jeff 18424192_10155382393121055_8025470966659557422_nFreeman, who flew in from the United States for the event. Pastor Freeman, who started in Cork in October 2008, had initiated the building project and he was able to share his story of how the church unfolded from its beginnings when purchased as a synagogue to its present bright and spacious state, built over two floors. He said, "my initial v18446845_10155382393546055_7293418963442651666_nision was for the church to be a centre of influence looking very similar to how it looks today…so when I first walked in I cried because the dream came true."

After the service, refreshments were served which allowed for interaction and fellowship amongst all. The buzz of excitement continued through to the time of departure as people left recognising that a significant milestone had been reached in the history of Cork Adventist church.

[Richard Daly]


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