Tottenham Adventist Church Community Outreach

1st November 2018


Tottenham Adventist church members ventured on to The Green, opposite the church on S82021unday 30 September 2018, to hold a 'Community Outreach Day'. The weather was dry but had an autumnal chill.

The music, the colourful bunting decorating the perimeter and a bouncy castle, drew the attention of those passing.

There were various stalls including craft and organic food. Fresh juice was prepared from fruits and vegetables while visitors watched and the steady stream of passers-by from the community kept the organisers and helpers busy. Meanwhile the bouncy castle, popcorn and two flavours of Slush (all free of charge) kept the children entertained. The children from the church also occasionally 82022distributed literature, advertised the fresh juice stall or made friends with visiting children.82023

A nurse was available to carry out blood pressure checks. The non-Adventist nurse who supported us enjoyed helping with this initiative and said he would be glad to come again. As he left after a three-hour shift, another nurse happened to arrive – anyone watching would have thought that the exchange had been prearranged.

A82024 passer-by was invited to have his blood pressure checked (Body), after which he was offered a cup of fresh juice (fuel for the Mind) and then he was given a book to lead him to spiritual thoughts (Spirit). The man laughed and said "you have thought of everything!"

[J Morris, Tottenham Communication Department]

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