Seven Brides but One Wife

13th April 2018

I was doing a series of meetings in Scarborough, Canada when I met a group of vibrant young people. They were from Elohim Ministries recognised by the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. They performed a play 'Seven Brides but One Wife', that held me spellbound from the beginning to the end.

Based on a true story, 'Seven Brides', is a play of a royal wedding and a bride's struggle to remain true to her husband.  The play is very evangelistic in nature and should be seen by all. Elohim Ministries is a recognised lay ministry in the Ontario Conference. It started in England under the vision and leadership of Nadia Prendergast, who did playwriting and directing.

In 2000, Nadia and her family emigrated to Canada, and after a short while she felt moved to reignite one of her plays. Today, Elohim Ministries functions under the co-presidential leadership of Nadia Prendergast and Natlene Walters.

The play uses the Bible to demonstrate the great love Christ has to His church, while teaching historical and current issues.

Elohim Ministries will be performing the play in London. They will also be delivering inspiring sermons at various churches, namely: Holloway, Brixton, Willesden and Peckham from 12 (Sabbath) to 19 May, 2018.

The play will be shown in the evening on Sabbath 12 May, at Brixton and then on Sabbath 19 May at the Dominion Centre at 11:00 am. Both events only ask for a love offering as people choose.

Please visit their website for details of the play and speakers.




[Richard Jackson NEC President]

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