New Book ‒ I Am Church

1st November 2018

Daniel Holder has written and published his first book entitled I Am Church.

In his blurb Daniel says:

"Do you attend church but want to see more from church? Do you want to learn and grow spiritually? Let's talk about how to achieve maximum results. Unfortunately, you don't achieve those results by attending church. You are church. Discover how to convert your passion to praise."

About Daniel Holder52

Daniel Holder was born to the deceased Pastor Richard and Pennie Holder, in London, England. He spent his early teenage years in London with his parents, and was taught many lessons, like the value of hard work, the meaning of true friendship, and community.

At 18 his parents sent Daniel to Oakwood University, where he chose to study accounting; he had an aversion to gospel ministry. After a year at Oakwood University, the tuition fees become too expensive and the university suggested Daniel return to London. However, Daniel refused to quit and decided to stay, pause from his studies and find a job to help with his expenses.

However, Daniel got into the wrong company, pledged his allegiance to a well-known black fraternity, and from there his life immediately went downhill. He started to drink and didn't stop for 6 years. At his first party someone was killed by being shot in the head. Although the next six years of Daniel's life were wild, to say the least, he can now look back and see God's hand directing him. Even in his foolishness, God still had a plan for his future.

After 9 years of undergraduate extracurricular learning, and after 4 transfers, Daniel graduated from Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL. He was commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force, and moved to Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts ‒ the most important years of his life.82033

On Daniel's second day there, God placed him in the path of his beautiful wife Salina. While in Massachusetts Salina and Daniel were married, had two beautiful daughters, Abigail and Grace. Daniel was to come to the conclusion that he was serving in the wrong military and was convinced God was leading him to serve in the 'Lord's Air Force'.

Daniel has a passion today to lead his family in innovative and impactful ministry.

You can purchase his book here or email Daniel on

[Daniel Holder]

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