10th May 2017

Anthony Joshua is a young man who grew up across the street from where I live in Watford. This week he earned himself a tidy £15million and three world titles following a bit of a punch-up! I did not watch the fight, however when pundits talk about boxing they say things like – 'he leads from the right' which means the right hand makes first contact, defends and probes. Whereas the left is used with explosive power when the opportunity arises, hence 'the left hook'.

Anthony's presentational style when interviewed has earned him the plaudit that he "is every Nan's heart-throb." Clearly this giant knows how to lead with good manners, grace and charm, despite the punishing nature of his sport. 

A new book we are publishing this month is entitled Values-led lives written by Pastor Llewellynimageproxy Edwards, recently retired BUC Ministerial director. The book is a reflection on aspects of Church life over many years of leadership in the British Union. It is one of those books that leads from a gentle place. Llew considers with sadness, points of conflict and loss that occur in our Church community and observes that though our belief system and standards of behaviour may be admirable, the hurdles and pain we inflict on those who don't quite match our expectations suggests that our value of acceptance indicates that we often lead from the wrong place. 

As with the boxer, the issue is not whether this or that value is correct or best, but which values have the potential to lead to higher values. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians might have been saying something similar when he wrote the famous chapter that begins: "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love…" (1 Corinthians 13) 

The book will make a contribution to those seeking to build harmonious church communities and is an ideal study guide for church leadership groups. 

It is available from the Stanborough Press ( Ask for special prices on bulk purchases on RRP £6.95.


[Victor Pilmoor]

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