12th October 2017

In the year which marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, there have been many different ways the church has reflected upon and commemorated this historical turning point.

Bringing a fresh and engaging approach is the team which presented 'Here I Stand'. The scriptwriter, Mervyn Weir, has put together a fantastic and engaging production incorporating songs old and new, brilliantly performed by Vade and the accompanying team. It tells the story of the world Luther came from, his personal journey and how he developed into the man that changed the course of church history.

It's a show you would be happy to take your friends to, and judging by the responses I witnessed in Cardiff on 30 September, one which lovers of good music, good drama, good humour and good history will be inspired by. Timothy Mertens, who watched the production afterwards said, "Educational and entertaining with a thought-provoking scriptural message", was one reaction. Veneta Ileva who also attended said, "a masterpiece, capturing the attention from beginning to end, and the way they put across 500 years of history into a 2-hour performance was just brilliant. A show not to be missed!"

The next performance of 'Here I Stand' will be in London on 21 October. See details here.

[Jeremy Tremeer]

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