Death of Jean Mary Baildam

15th November 2018

We are sad to announce the passing on Thursday 1 November of Mrs Jean Mary Baildam, widow of Pastor Denys Baildam and mother of Dr John and Professor Andrew Baildam. She was 93.

Jean's hearing and eyesight had been failing for some time, and she had been generally unwell for a few months, spending seven weeks in hospital in Camberley, Berkshire, before moving to a nursing home where she fell asleep just three days later.

Born in Nottingham as the only daughter of Ettrick and Ida Whiting, Jean's childhood and youth were spent in the Bournemouth area, with short periods in the West Country and the Channel Islands. She chose to study at Newbold College, then in the Midlands, completing the Bible Worker's course. While a Newbold student, Jean met Theology student Denys Baildam when she was just 17. Subsequently she served the Lord in the Oldham and Torquay districts while Denys was invited to serve in Glasgow. In those days, pastors were not encouraged to marry until they had been 'in the work' for at least two years, and so it was not until 1949 that Jean and Denys were married in the Bournemouth church.

While they were in Glasgow, their son John was born. They subsequently moved to Dundee, then Dunfermline (where their second son, Andrew, was born) and Stirling, before the family moved to Cardiff where Denys served as Youth Director for the Welsh Mission. Other moves entailed relocating to Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and then Glasgow once again, before Denys was called in 1986 to serve as the Ministerial Secretary for the British Union Conference. This meant a move away from their beloved Scotland, with them finally settling in Crowthorne just a short drive from what has been the Newbold campus since 1946.

Jean was always devoted to her Lord, her Church and her family, and saw her role as one of a pastoral team. She exhibited great hospitality, particularly to young interns and their spouses, and was an excellent vegetarian cook. She was utterly bereft when Denys passed away just over ten years ago, but until a few months ago tenaciously lived independently in her own home and attended church as often as possible.

We solicit your prayers for John and Lynda, Andrew and Eileen, Jean's granddaughter Antonia and her grandson Tim and his wife Debbie.

The funeral will take place in the Newbold church at 2:00 pm on Wednesday 28 November. Jean adored flowers, so flowers are welcome. She was also an ardent supporter of ADRA, and thus donations to this charity are likewise encouraged.

[John Baildam, Principal Newbold College]

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