Communication Directors in Europe Network Together ‒ GAiN 2018

6th April 2018

Valencia, Spain, was the venue for this year's European 'Global Adventist Internet Network' (GAiN) conference held from 23-28 March. The conference is designed to foster the use of technology, media and the internet to help the mission of the Adventist Church. Through this annual event, the aim is to educate and train communication and technology professionals and enthusiats in finding new ways to reach their communities.

Communication and Media directors for both European Divisions, Pastor Corrado Cozzi, Inter-European Division and Pastor Victor Hulbert, Trans-00043440European Division, together with their committee, provided a dynamic programme blending the spiritual through worship and prayer with the technical areas of communication and media through workshops, plenary sessions and seminars that encompassed the various platforms under the theme 'Discovering the Essence Together'.

The structure of the meetings was grouped into three categories namely: Communication/Marketing, Content, and Technology/Infrastructure. Attendees were able to fit into one of the three categories easier knowing that the presentations would be more suited to their areas of expertise, or work-related environment.

The theme, which stressed the importance of working together, became actualised through a combined media project entitled, 'This is My Mission' where each Union Conference was asked from the previous year's conference, to create video clips depicting a simple idea of mission. The collation of the clips formed a creative and collaborative presentation which can be used on all social media platforms. See video here.

In addition 00043464.t5ab79d9a.m800.xEvDu6KYato the various presentations, SEC Communication director, Pastor Sam Davies, shared an update on Adventist Radio London which will be launched this weekend at Brixton church. General Conference Communication director, Pastor 00044144.t5aba41b2.m800.xnmYpzjbFWilliams Costa was also in attendance together with all the Adventist major media outlets, including Adventist Review, Hope Channel TV, Adventist Missions, HopeMedia Spain, and HopeMedia Germany Stimme Der Hoffnung.

Corrado Cozzi, speaking of the event said, "The rationale behind running a European GAiN on an annual basis is due to the fact that technology is continuously changing and those working in the media need regular updating."

It's on occasions like this when creative and innovative minds in media assemble together in one place, through networking around mealtimes and during sessions that real dialogue and synergy takes place. This leads to inspiring ideas and initiatives on how to spread the gospel through media can be taken away and trialled in one's own territory.

Victor Hulbert in commenting on this said, "Communication networking is important and an ideas exchange can happen best in a live environment. The event can inspire lay professionals and young people to become more actively involved in the mission of the Chur00044290ch as they discover how their skills sets can be used."

Overall it was an inspiring five days. Living in a connected society with social media, and media technology increasing at an unprecedent pace, as a Church, we need to be at the forefront and ensure we use all the media platforms available to us to spread the gospel of Christ to an increasingly media savvy world.





(Photos - Tor Tjeransen)

[Richard Daly]

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