Churches Rewarded for Community Involvement in 2017

18th January 2018

ADRA-UK in partnership with the Adventist Community Services (ACS) awarded funding to 18 churches with community projects around the UK. The funding for these projects was part of ADRA-UK's commitment last year to assist local churches, who are engaged in outreach work such as soup kitchens, clothes banks and shelters, with monies received from the 2017 ADRA Appeal. Speaking about the funding for these projects, Pastor Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK said, Pastor-Bert-Smit-in-Full-Flow-002"It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to assist our local congregations to be more effective with community ministries in their locality. Helping those in our neighbourhoods helps to make the Gospel message of the love of God, real and relevant in their lives."

The churches who successfully received funding from ADRA-UK through ACS were: Advent Shelter, Barnsley, Bilston, Bolton, Bradford Central, Chelmsford, Edinburgh East, Emmanuel, Harlestone, Ipswich, Leeds Central, Leicester Central, Leicester West, Liverpool North, Smethwick, Southend, Stoke Newington, and West Bletchley. 

In addition to direct funding from ADRA-UK, 4 further awards were given out. Edmonton, London Ghana and Ladywood received funding from the ACS budget as their applications met a slightly different criterion from the other 18, and Nottingham Central received funding from the BUC Health Ministries department to become the second Centre of Hope, Health and Healing in the UK. 

"Working in partnership with ADRA-UK has been a wonderful privilege", said Sharon Platt-McDonald, BUC Director of ACS. "This initiative has augmented the reach of influence and output that churches are able to make and strengthen the humanitarian arm of our work in the British Isles."

Funding was publicly awarded at the SEC Expo at Newbold College on 7 January and at the NEC Officers' Training Day last Sunday in Long Eaton. 

The 2018 ADRA Appeal will see all churches who participate able to benefit from this funding. 10% of funds raised by each congregation during the ADRA Appeal will automatically be returned to them for community outreach projects. The 2018 ADRA Appeal runs from 3 March - 15 April (22 April - Greater London). For more information please go to

Catherine Anthony Boldeau, ADRA-UK Development Education Officer

[Catherine Anthony Boldeau ]

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