BUC Induction of New Ministers

18th January 2018

This week from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 January the British Union Conference (BUC) Ministerial department organised a new ministers' induction that encompassed all directors of the BUC and invited speakers from across the Union.

In total thirteen newly employed pastors participated in the training. Held in the BUC boardroom, the meetings provided new ministers and workers with a comprehensive overview of role of the minister and how ministry can impact the family, health and personal spirituality. Pastor Eglan Brooks, BUC Ministerial Association director, who coordinated the event wanted to ensure that new ministries had a good grounding in how the Church operates at all levels as well as the opportunity to hear from current ministers on the blessings and challenges of ministry. Overall there were twenty-five topics which included, 'Conflict Resolution – Handling Difficult People', 'Church Finances', 'Personal Health', 'The Pastor's Family' and 'Maintaining Spirituality'.

The aim of the induction was to prepare ministers with the tools and confidence to pursue their calling to service in the BUC and alert them to practical and insightful areas of ministry that will better equip them for service.

This four-day event also allowed time for minsters to blend together as a cohort of new workers through social events and free time, lovely meals and personal sharing of experiences.

Pastor Brooks in reflection of the event said, "we hope that this unique time with our pastors will help to equip them for service, and give them a deeper understanding of the Church in the UK. It is hoped that by spending this week with the ministers we will pass on the ethos of our Church to the next generation of pastors."

BUC President, Pastor Ian Sweeney said, "Except for committees and appointments which I had to fulfil, I attended the entire 4 days of the induction. It was inspiring to hear all the presentations and listen to the testimonies of my pastoral colleagues who have recently joined the BUC pastoral family. It was wonderful to share in their enthusiasm and joy they have for ministry. I am confident that they will make a positive contribution to the sharing of the Adventist message in the British Isles."

One participant of the training said, "I felt fully integrated into the system of my Church. I felt comfortable, informed and valued which generated a strong sense of belonging for me."

We pray for the success of these new ministers and trust that this week of training will assist a long way in aiding them to become effective ministers.


[Richard Daly]

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