BUC Children's Got Talent

8th December 2017

The Tottenham Seventh-day Adventist church's Music department staged a marvellous evening displaying the talents of children around the country such as Reading, Northampton, Brixton, Luton, Edmonton, Tottenham, Harlow and Watford. The event known as ACT, an acronym for Acknowledging Children's Talent, took place at the Rock Tower, in Tufnell Park on Saturday 2 December.

The children who performed so ably showed how much talent the Adventist Church within the UK has and those who performed were not afraid to share their gifts. Items varied, including children's choirs such as Tottenham Children's Choir and Brixkidz (Brixton church). Drama and mime groups such Edcentral, Achim (Hyland House) and Reading Cornerstone's Mime. These well-coordinated groups were able to reflect in mime to gospel music in a way that reflected the feeling and emotions of the words of the song.

Instrumental performers were Danté Grant, a young musician DSC_6421displaying his talent in playing drums and then on the trumpet and Meshach & Micah Barret who performed a violin and keyboard duet.

After the programme, speaking to Audrey Meguille Soyam, who organised the event, she said, "today's performance was a culmination of months of hard work and dedication to provide a platform for children to displDSC_6419ay their gifts and sing Christian songs."

With a full seating capacity, parents, church members and community visitors, all helped to create a welcoming atmosphere for each child, encouraging them on through their performance. To this fantastic support, Valerie Moodie commented, "what we hoped to achieve from this concert was to acknowledge the gifts of our children, it was not about performing to excellence but simply recognising DSC_6427and empowering our children."

The response after each performance ensured that no child left the stage without the same level of appreciation as anyone else. ACT, who put on the well-planned concert with over twenty performers is still in its early stages of development, with plans DSC_6430for an even bigger event next year on 8 December 2018.

If you would like further information about ACT or would like your child to be involved in next year's event, contact Audrey Meguille Soyam Audrey@alphacareagency.com or Valerie Moodie Valeriemoodie5@aol.com.

[ - Richard Daly]

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