Baptism Blessings at Plymouth Family Camp

10th July 2018

For the third year Plymouth church met at Chapel Porth in Cornwall for the weekend (29 June - 1 July) to praise and worship together. After the short journey it was nice to get to the site and settle into what, for most, feels like a second home, being just 1.5 hours from the site and visiting regularly throughout the year.

Pastor Herman organised and led worship focusing on praise followed by thought-provoking discussion. On Friday night, to welcome in the Sabbath as the sun began to fall, we sang favorites such as Days of Elijah, Pass it On and Power of Your Love. Pastor Herman then challenged us to think of 6 words to describe ourselves which led onto thinking of 6 words of praise, testimony and commitment to Christ. This challenged us to target our thinking and realty concentrate on what is important to us. After worship we rushed down to the beach to catch the last few rays of sunlight as they turned pink and red over the sea. What a beautiful world we live in.

After a filling breakfast of pancakes and fruit we began worship with praise and went on to discuss the Sabbath School lesson challenging us to really think about why we believe in a literal Second Coming. Friends from Plymouth and Truro joined us for the day and everyone participated in a mock trial. plymouthBapThe case of the Prodigal Son was taken to court and the camp was split to be either on the younger (Prodigal) son's side or the older brother's side. Each had an attorney and witnesses to help with their pleas. Ultimately the jury of 6 found the defender, the Prodigal Son, not guilty despite a good argument from the older brother's legal team. The trial was fun and also reminded us of the true meaning of the story which is that God wants all of us to be with Him, even those that have wandered astray.

After lunch we all walked down to the beach in the glorious sunshine and with excitement gathered around Jordan Ncube, Pastor Herman and Pastor Peake (St Austell church). Finally, the day had come for Jordan to be baptised! Jordan had prepared to be baptised last September with his friends at Plymouth church, but a kidney disease prevented him from attending that day. After months of recovery everything seemed to be calming down for Jordan until a few weeks ago whePlymouthn the same illness threatened to prevent him from being baptised yet again. Following weeks of tests Jordan decided that nothing was going to stop him; he was going to be baptised at Chapel Porth beach no matter what! After months of prayer and patience and with tears in his and everyone's eyes Jordan was finally baptised. What a joyful occasion!

Pastor Herman said, "It was a great privilege to baptise Jordan last week, simply because we have seen how someone grew from an introvert to an outgoing, brave, committed and determined guy. Stubborn in his faith, because he was going to be baptised no matter what. Although his health is currently not the greatest, his unwavering faith has become the stalwart in his life."

Afterwards the youth joined Jordan in the sea, playing in the waves and dodging the jellyfish. It reminded us of how privileged we are to know Christ and appreciate the beautiful surroundings He has given us.

Back at camp we shared a meal and celebrated Jordan's baptism with his favourite song, Broken Vessels and a cake which appropriately displayed the words: Anchored in the Lord.

In the evening everyone joined in the worship service with special items from readings and testimonies to musical items and Christian riddles.

Following a late night around the camp fire everyone enjoyed a cooked breakfast before gathering for worship. After a few songs Jordan briefly shared some of his testimony and quoted from Isaiah 41:10. "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." He said that although things weren't going smoothly he could still appreciate the good and it was a blessing to be at camp.

The mornings drizzle soon cleared up and we were able to play rounders and volleyball before heading home via the beach.

The weekend was a blessing in so many ways. We are very privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the world and be able to worship freely, sharing our love for Christ.

[Jennie Hall]

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