ADRA-UK Plans for the Future

25th January 2018

The staff of ADRA-UK spent Tuesday and Wednesday (23-24 January) of this past week in Strategic Planning Meetings at the International Study Centre at Stanborough Secondary School. 

The main purpose of these meetings was to rigorously appraise their current outputs and market position in their sector as a humanitarian organisation and to develop a strategic plan for the next five years. 

The process was ably led by Pastor Bert Smit, adra1CEO of ADRA-UK and Howa Avan-Nomayo, Chief Programmes Officer, through group discussions, plenary sessions, via live stream and over Skype. Emphasis was not only placed on its operational place in the market but on the spiritual work of the organisation. 

Helia Mateus, Chief Financial Officer, shared a message from Luke 5:1-10, the story of the unproductive all-night fishing trip of Peter and his friends. Jesus' suggestion to 'launch into the deep' was frowned on as He was not a fisherman. But Jesus wanted to teach them that there was more to life than catching smelly fish on dark nights. Peter was concerned with the state of his nets and Jesus left him with a greater vision. 

And this greater vision often requires difficult decisions, a change to our landscapes and honest self-reflection. "Successful organisations need to hold a barometer up to themselves, in order to future-proof their activities," said Bert, "ADRA-UK is no exception. As we critically appraise our activities, this helps us to continually refocus on our mission as an organisation to be the hands of God through practical faith." 

Discussions centred around key strategic goals as defined in the adrA2current strategic plan for it to be updated. Fundraising, programming, procedures, branding and partnerships were matters for consideration as well as opportunities for future growth in a changing marketplace. The impact of Brexit on the UK aid sector was also given consideration. 

The 2018 ADRA Appeal runs from 31 March until 15 April (22 April, Greater London). For more information please go to

[Catherine Anthony Boldeau]

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