Bristol Celebrates Multi- cultural Day

12th April 2019

On Sabbath 30th March, Bristol Central church was packed to capacity, as the church celebrated its cultural diversity, with a Multicultural Day.


Representatives from 28 nations helped celebrate the day, as the church came together as “one in Christ”, including those from Ghana, India, Hungary, Mexico, Jamaica, St Lucia, Romania, England, Zambia, Barbados Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Guyana, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, Italy, Mauritius, Angola, Brazil, Cameroon, and Uganda, among others.

The atmosphere during the congregational singing during the mid-morning Song Service, was amazing, as song leader Stephen Makore, lead rousing singing, and called on different nationalities to sing verses in their own language. The rest of the church then joined in the chorus, in songs such as Heir of the Kingdom, and Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross. There were big smiles on everyone’s faces, as they praised our mighty God.

A highlight of the Family Worship service was when representatives of each nation, came up to the front of the church with their country’s flag and took part in an international multi-lingual prayer of blessing. The church was hushed, as each person prayed in their own language, and the power of the Holy Spirit was felt drawing the church closer together

The Family Worship service also saw special items performed by the Zambians, Romanians and Ghanaians, all of which received a loud Amen from the congregation.


For the morning message, local Pastor, Royston Smith preached on being transformed by the renewing of our minds, by our relationship with God. He emphasised the battle going on for our minds, and that all the education, wealth or class, which in this world can be used to divide us, means nothing when we are one in Christ, and when we receive a transformed mind. It is then that although we are many members, we are part of one body, and all can use their gifts as God has blessed them.

After a magnificent and very tasty international cuisine lunch, the afternoon programme saw more groups bless the church through songs, skits, and special items. The atmosphere was one of joy, celebration, unity and combined worship to our God who made us all different, but “one in Christ”.

Photo credit: Michael Brown

[Ian Sabadin]


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