Mother and Two Children all get New Books Published

4th April 2019

It's not often you hear of a mother and her children being fortunate in each having separate books published simultaneously, but that's exactly what happened for Janelle Pamphile and her daughter Annalise 8 and son Madiba 4 years old.

All three have had books published and their achievement have gained public recognition.

Janelle, iwwweewn her book entitled Pain Passes but the Beauty Remains Forever, shares a message of courage, hope and perseverance to help others find the strength to never give up. Janelle's childhood was not ideal. Her father was an alcoholic, and as in many families of an alcoholic this unfortunately led to domestic abuse, so she knows intimately the devastating effect this can have. Now she does her part to bring awareness to these issues, and to help those in need.

In her book she speaks from a passionate heart and believes that prayer and believing in God's power is one of the purest ways to touch and communicate with the hearts of the audience. She believes it all comes down to choice and taking responsibility for the direction of your life. Janelle is proof that you don't have to allow adversity to hold you down in life; you have a fascinating and inspiring destiny awaiting you.

Her achievements have inspired her children to also put pen to paper, 5-year-old Madiba wwweewho attends the Stonebridge Primary School in Harlesden is autistic yet and, in his book, Madiba Inspires Black Boys With Speech Disorder To Think Big!!, writes about how parents can help their children who may have speech disorders and what methods can be used help them overcome.

Speaking of her son, Janelle says, "what is so amazing about my son is that he was born very ill and the doctors had given up on him but as his mother I fought the 'good fight' and although he is also an autistic child that did not stop him from aspiring to be great. He is so calm and communicates wonderfully, he is the star of his Stonebridge Primary School and I give a lot of thanks and praise God for healing him."

The Mayor of Brent has praised Madiba for his courage and the Queen has written to him expressing how impressed she is.  

Janelle's wewedaughter Annalise, is a very industrious and tenacious 8-year-old. Her passion for kindness started at a very young age of 3 when her mother realised that her daughter had indeed been blessed with a gift of really reaching out to people and showing love and kindness. Her book is entitled Annalise Inspires 41NhuzUrs4LChildren to Be Kind: Allowing Kids to Express Their Feelings! inspires children to be kind.

Of her daughter's success, Janelle says, "As mum to these delightful kids I am indeed very honoured and proud. This is such a big achievement for such little children, their books are touching lives all over the world. I wanted to show my children they do not have to go to the best schools to have world class mentality and to add to that, both my children have special needs and learning issues we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I'm happy that they both are making history as the youngest authors in their school."

In her own book on domestic abuse Janelle says, "Too few people talk about domestic abuse and honour-based violence. With two women dying every week in the UK due to domestic violence, and an estimated 2.1 million men and women suffering domestic abuse in the UK, these statistics should be a more prominent topic in society."

Janelle courageously uses her father's 'mess' as a message to help others and is of the belief that people can go through painful experiences in their lives and still find the strength to transform their lives to help others. She has been invited to speak at parliament and was part of a prison ministry at her church, a means of encouraging inmates to also see that this does not have to be the end of their story.

Today she is 'the people's champion' in her community of Harlesden and supports families affected by addiction and domestic violence where she is well known and respected. Janelle is proof that you don't have to allow adversity to hold you down in life, you have a fascinating and inspiring destiny awaiting you.

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