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22nd February 2019

Imagine one hundred evangelistic seminars, two hundred presenters in one hundred locations across the North England Conference (NEC).  Revelation 1-2-1 is one of the many activities which are being run as part of the Year of the Laity in the NEC.

"Many IL4A7695of the great armies of the world rely on their foot soldiers. Many would say the war is not won until you have boots on the ground. With our advanced technological weapons, a good general will tell you that you can only ensure victory when the foot soldiers have gained the footIL4A7222hold and declared the battle is won.  In a sense our members are our foot soldiers and it doesn't matter how elaborate our strategic plan or how many committees may meet.  A church will never be victorious until our members are mobilised under the influence of God's Holy Spirit and we have total member involvement." This was the thrust of the sermon delivered by Pastor Michael Simpson, NEC Director for Missions, Church Growth, Church Planting, Adventist Mission, Personal Ministries, Hope FM, Coordinator for ADRA and Total Membership Involvement (TMI).

Some of the activities mentioned to get ready for the seminar would be to implement the growth cycle which is:

  • To Prepare: Church members are encouraged to get involved in compassionate service projects such as health and well-being programmes, cooking demonstrations, feeding the homeless, food banks, tidying the community etc.
  • To Plant: Sharing literature, give a track a day to someone; signpost them to Adventist radio, Christian radio broadcast.
  • To Cultivate: To have meaningful Bible study with family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours.
  • To Harvest: Members are expected to run the evangelistic series entitled 'Secrets of Bible Prophecy'.

Extensive IL4A7744training has been done across the Conference. The Sabbath services in Chelmsley Wood and Manchester were a culmination of a series of training that started in February 2018.  Over 300 in Birmingham, over 200 in Manchester attended the Sabbath held training.

In his message to the attendees of the Revelation seminars NEC President, Pastor Richard Jackson had this to say; "We are concentrating on you the laity because we know that this work can only go forward when pastors and laity work hand in hand. We believe in you, we trust in you. This work will only go forward when you join with us and I know that you are ready and waiting to be used and not by the NEC but to be used by the Almighty God. I pray that the Lord will bless us as we embark on this Year of the Laity."


Lungani Sibanda, NEC Communication Director

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