23rd February 2017

Pathfinder leaders, from both Newcastle and South Shields, took their level 1 Pathfindering training over the second weekend of February in the Newcastle church.

The trainers, Simon and Hyacinth Facey, both of whom are Area co-ordinators, took the local leaders through many skill areas in order to help the children enjoy the camp whilst training safely and enjoyably. The 14 candidates spent the weekend learning basic Risk Assessments for camping, the kind of equipment needed for a camp, as well as some of the more basic skills needed to train children and young adults.

One module taught was based upon different learning styles. Trainees Exam_1were taught that the acronym VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinaesthetic sensory. The lesson being that some people learn by doing, others by reading or writing, while others learn best visually or audibly. The main learning outcome for the students, was that new Pathfinder leaders need to adapt teaching styles for different learners.

In previous years Pathfinders were simply trusted that learning had taken root when new skills were being taught. Today evidence is needed to show that the trainees have truly understood what they have learned. At the end of the morning's training, before lunch, the trainees all took a simple exam.

The next stage for some is Master Guide training. While others will move one step above to the Pathfinder leader award others like Tate and Hans will wait a little for the Master Guide training but will apply their skills as they lead in their respective groups. Dr Ed Chan and Manuel Vieira, along with Jessie Pairman will take their skills back to South Shields and work with their young charges.


[Peter Jeynes]

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