PEACE – Centre of Evangelism

PEACE is an acronym for Practical Evangelism and Adventist Christian Education.The centre was established in July 2010 and is sponsored by the North England Conference of Seventh Day Adventist and is based in Birmingham.  We offer courses that encapsulates the Seventh-day Adventist message and doctrines.  We aim to equip, train and enable each one of us to effectively share our faith.

PEACE offers a selection of programmes ranging in length from one week to four months.

Four Month Programme

The Four Month programme is our flagship course.  It is intensive and comprehensive covering subjects including public and personal evangelism the art of preaching and teaching, the key pillars of our faith, church planting apologetics, Daniel and the Revelation. It also provides an introduction to areas such as pastoral ministry, Christian counseling and Christian ethics. Since our inception we have added a one week intensive course, this is a full time course which goes in depth into a particular

Three Week Programme

A three week evening class is also offered. This is specially designed for busy people; it gives a basic overview of public and personal evangelism. It en-skills the learner to be confident about witnessing for Christ in an effective and winsome manner. These courses are delivered by some of the men and women who are at the cutting edge of the advent movement.

PEACE Exists To

  1. Serve the laity and I would encourage each member to be involved by attending at least at one of our sessions.
  2. We are equipped to take our training to different locations without the conference.
  3. We provide a range of resources in witnessing this available via our website.
We solicit your prayers and any positive support that you could offer. 

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